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Paul Lowe

My interest in energy-based therapies began in the 1980's and 1990's, while working in Tokyo and Hong Kong. My initial training began was in the Chinese and Japanese energy systems, Chi Gung. and Reiki.

I soon moved on to modern healing technologies and was amazed at how these new therapies could reduce suffering and improve people's lives.

With Scenar the catalyst was when I developed frozen shoulder, in both arms. It was very painful and educational. My doctor offered steroid injections but said they wouldn't last long, and I might need surgery. A physiotherapist offered me an exercise plan but said it was unlikely to help. Highly experienced practitioners in two well-known therapies treated me three times a week over two months, with little improvement. Then a friend recommended Scenar. Three months later I was pain-free, and very impressed.

I began two years of on-the-job training with four different Scenar teachers, including basic through advanced and master levels with Professor AlexanderRevenko, the co-developer of Scenar therapy, and founder of the Scenar Academy in Russia.

I have also trained in two other energy-based therapies which work well with Scenar -- Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) and Low Level Laser (LLLT) -- and in other health-related fields, including stress management and several cognitive therapies. Over the years, I spent tens of thousands of pounds testing out various modalities and equipment. I used various therapy devices but eventually ended up with just a handful, cherry-picked as the best I could find.

I have an M.A., and an ITEC Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology. I am also a full member of the British Complementary Medicine Association,  bound by their code of ethics, and covered by the BCMA's professional indemnity insurance.

My main focus is lasting pain relief, but this covers a wide range of  issues, mainly musculo-skeletal but sometimes neurological.

The body's innate wisdom and healing potential, and the brilliance of certain technologies to activate these, are constant sources of fascination, sometimes amazement. And I still get great satisfaction from helping to remove pain and seeing my clients enjoy their lives again.

Wishing you good health,


Paul Lowe                                                                                  

Scenar Therapist, MA, MBCMA, MAET, ITEC Dip 


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Scenar Sussex, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 7GT 

We're located in a quiet spot by the sea, close to the village of Rottingdean on the Eastern edge of Brighton. It's a 20-minute taxi ride from Brighton railway station or there are buses running every 10-15 minutes and bus stops within 2 minutes walk.
Office Hours: 
Monday - Saturday: 9.00 am - 6.00 pm 
Treatment Fees: 
£60 per hour. Treatments generally last around 60 to 70 minutes but please allow up to two hours for the first consultation and treatment.  
Free parking on the street or in our driveway. 


While some clients travel from other parts of the UK. most are from the South East. Trains from London to Brighton take around 55 minutes from Victoria, 65-75 minutes from London Bridge and 85 minutes from St.Pancras.

Most clients arriving by car travel from surrounding areas of East and West Sussex, London, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey. Here are approximate journey estimates from places within about a one hour drive of Brighton: 


Alfold, Surrey - 49 mins

Alfriston, Sussex - 28 mins

Amberley, Sussex - 33 mins

Ardingly, Sussex - 33 mins

Arundel, Sussex - 22 mins

Barcombe, Sussex - 9 mins

Battle, Sussex - 55 mins

Bexhill, Sussex - 50 mins

Billingshurst, Sussex - 41 mins

Bognor Regis, Sussex - 53 mins

Bosham, Sussex - 54 mins

Burgess Hill, Sussex - 18 mins

Chailey, Sussex - 26 mins

Chiddingly, Sussex - 35 mins

Chichester, Sussex - 49 mins

Chiddingfold, Surrey - 60 mins

Cooksbridge, Sussex - 20 mins

Cranleigh, Surrey - 54 mins

Crawley, Sussex - 29 mins

Cross in Hand, Sussex - 42 mins

Crowborough, Sussex - 49 mins

Crowhurst, Sussex - 58 mins

Cuckfield, Sussex - 21 mins

Ditchling, Sussex - 13 mins

Dorking, Surrey - 48 mins

Edenbridge, Kent - 54 mins

Easebourne, Sussex - 60 mins

Eastbourne, Sussex - 39 mins

Eastergate, Sussex - 40 mins

East Grinstead, Sussex - 40 mins

East Hoathly, Sussex - 36 mins

Fittleworth, Sussex - 42 mins

Forest Row, Sussex - 50 mins

Gatwick Airport - 31 mins

Godalming, Surrey - 66 mins

Guildford, Surrey - 64 mins

Hailsham, Sussex - 34 mins

Halland, Sussex - 13 mins

Haslemere, Surrey - 63 mins

Hassocks, Sussex - 27 mins

Hastings, Sussex - 66 mins

Havant, Sussex - 61 mins

Haywards Heath, Sussex - 24 mins

Heathfield, Sussex - 45 mins

Henfield, Sussex - 15 mins

Herstmoceux, Sussex - 43 mins

Hickstead, Sussex - 13 mins

Horam, Sussex - 40 mins

Horley, Surrey - 36 mins

Horsham, Sussex - 35 mins

Hove, Sussex - 9 mins

Hurst Green, Surrey - 65 mins


Hurstpierpoint, Sussex - 13 mins

Lancing, Sussex - 16 mints

Laughton, Sussex - 27 mins

Lavant, Sussex - 49 mins

Lewes, Sussex - 16 mins

Lindfield, Sussex - 29 mins

Littlehampton, Sussex - 34 mins

Loxwood, Sussex - 46 mins

Maplehurst, Sussex - 27 mins

Midhurst, Sussex - 63 mins

Newhaven, Sussex - 29 mins

Newick, Sussex - 32 mins

Northchapel, Sussex - 58 mins

Ockley, Surrey - 41 mins

Oxted, Surrey - 49 mins

Partridge Green, Sussex - 24 mins

Pembury, Kent - 67 mins

Petworth, Sussex - 50 mins

Plumpton, Sussex - 18 mins

Polegate, Sussex - 35 mins

Portslade, Sussex - 10 mins

Portsmouth - 67 mins

Pulborough, Sussex - 37 mins

Pyecombe, Sussex - 8 mins

Ramsnest Common, Surrey - 56 mins

Redhill, Surrey - 47 mins

Reigate, Surrey - 42 mins

Robertsbridge, Sussex - 67 mins

Rotherfield, Sussex - 52 mins

Rottingdean, Sussex - 17 mins

Rudgwick, Sussex - 43 mins

Seaford, Sussex- 32 mins

Sevenoaks, Kent - 57 mins

Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex - 18 mins

Singleton, Sussex - 51 mins

Slindon, Sussex - 38 mins

Southborough, Kent - 63 mins

Southwick, Sussex - 13 mins

St. Leonards, Sussex- 62 mins

Steyning, Sussex - 18 mins

Tangmere, Sussex - 41 mins

Telscombe, Sussex - 26 mins

Tillington, Sussex - 52 mins

Tonbridge, Kent - 63 mins

Tunbridge Wells, Kent - 59 mins

Uckfield, Sussex- 31 mins

Wadhurst, Sussex - 65 mins

Waldron, Sussex - 41 mins

Walton on the Hill, Surrey - 48 mins

West Grinstead, Sussex - 28 mins

Wivelsfield, Sussex - 21 mins

Worthing, Sussex - 27 mins



















   Tel: 01273 803888


Terry Waller, Insurance Manager, London (Frozen Shoulder)

"After lifting some heavy machinery, I found that trying to raise my left arm above my waist was very painful. My osteopath told me I had a frozen shoulder and although I got some relief from his treatment, he said it could take up to 12 months for things to normalise. Some weeks later I was introduced to Paul and his Scenar equipment. I was a little sceptical at first but after 2-3 sessions I began to notice improvement. To my amazement, after just 8 sessions I realised that I could raise my left arm as high and easily as my right. It's now just over a year later and I have remained completely pain free ever since. There is no hard sell with Paul who I found to be very knowledgeable and a consummate professional."


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John Hayward, Engineer and Landscaper, Westham, Sussex (Neck + Shoulder Pain)

"The pain had reached levels that stopped my physical workload. The diagnosis was nerve compression due to an old injury to the C5/6/7 vertebrae. After four Scenar treatments, I was able to stop the painkillers. After three months and 10 treatments I can sleep on my side again, write and sign my signature fluently again, turn my head fully to the right and left..." 

Six months followup: "I'm doing heavy physical work again as part of my job, and despite needing occasional top-ups, I'm basically pain-free. Altogether, a phenomenal success."


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Don Elwick, Managing Director, Brighton Media Centre (Cracked Ribs)

"On December 21st, 2009, I went out running, slipped on some ice, and fell heavily on my back. A nurse and a doctor both confirmed I had two or three cracked ribs. I spent the next week hardly sleeping due to the pain. On December 29th I saw Paul Lowe for a Scenar treatment, and that night I slept properly again. Over the next few days, almost all the pain had gone. I had a second Scenar treatment January 1st, and on January 4th, the doctor found it hard to believe there was nothing left from the accident."


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Venus Villa, First Artist, The English National Ballet, London (Muscle Injury)

"I had a very painful injury to my leg and I tried several therapies. Scenar was the best for really deep healing. Thank you Paul."


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Tali Saar, Shiatsu and Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Lewes, Sussex (Bell's Palsy)

"I was treated by Paul Lowe for Bell's Palsy. Apart from facial paralysis, I had pain in my face and ear canal. The pains disappeared after the first two treatments, and soon there was a huge improvement in the paralysis and my energy levels. The treatments reminded me of a deep, relaxing place I had lost for many years. I experienced changes at many levels, far beyond my original symptoms. Paul has been both supportive and inspiring. He is a unique practitioner with vast knowledge in his field."


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Erica Yonge, Energy Therapist, Marlborough, Wiltshire (Back Pain)

"Paul, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sorting out my back problem so effectively with Scenar. I was told I had a potential herniated disc in my lower back, and I was in a lot of pain for many years. In recent months, I was frequently unable to stand up straight for minutes at a time. After six Scenar sessions, not only am I completely pain free in my back for the first time in years, but my posture has corrected itself naturally. I wouldn't have believed I could be this pain free after so many years of pain.

Eighteen months followup: My back is still very good and posture is better than it's ever been. If you weren't so far away, I'd come for regular top-ups!"


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Lucienne Atkinson, Business Owner, Oulston, Yorkshire  (Back Pain)

"Life had been years of debilitating pain. I was at my wit's end. Finding Paul Lowe and the Scenar treatment has been nothing short of a miracle for me. After two long treatments with him, the worst problem area for pain changed, almost disappeared."

18 months followup: "It's truly a miracle. I have gone back to the athletic person I was before. I can train hard on my mountain bike for 3 or 4 days in a row with no back pain!"


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Tim Cornwall, Works Manager, Herstmonceaux, Sussex (Slipped Disc)

"I've had hip and lower back problems for over 30 years. This episode was the worst I've had for two years: I could hardly walk or drive. Until now, I'd go to the chiropractor for several treatments and take at least three weeks to recover. With Paul it took five days and four Scenar treatments to get back to normal. On day 1, I could barely walk. On day 3, I took the dog for a one-hour walk."


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Barry Chapman, Designer, Hove, Sussex (Polymyalgia)

"I would recommend anybody with health challenges to talk to Paul. I had a combination of polymyalgia, extremely sore feet, low energy and limited mobility. I thought I had tried everything and had resigned myself to sliding down the slippery slope. Paul, his guidance and treatments, gave me hope when I had none, and for this I am extremely thankful. I've adjusted my lifestyle and diet and worked hard. I am now fit, energetic and strong."


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Angela Gilroy, Media Designer, London (Sciatica + Spondylosis)

"When I hurt my lower back, the pain made it impossible to move my right leg backwards when walking, so I had to shuffle. Paul Lowe gave me a brief Scenar treatment that night and I felt some relief immediately and got a good night's sleep. The next morning he gave me a full back treatment, and this produced a major change. It still felt a little tender but I could walk around almost normally."


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Marco Crivello, Artist, Lewes, Sussex (Shoulder + Back Pain)

"I had acute pain in my right shoulder. I tried osteopathy and cranio-sacral over several weeks, but with negligible results. Paul treated me with Scenar daily for four days, and by the end I was pain-free. On another occasion, I was in acute pain months after Achilles tendon surgery -- after one treatment from Paul, the pain went away. I also threw my back out twice. Each time, one Scenar treatment was enough to put it back to normal."


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Stephanie Davies-Arai, Sculptor, Lewes, Sussex (Sciatica)

"I was rushed to hospital on three occasions and given four strong painkillers including morphine. I finally collapsed at work in agony, unable to walk. After 10 daily treatments with Paul, I was able to stop the painkillers and drive 80 miles to a work event."

Six months followup: "I'm still pain free."


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Phil Turtle, Company Director, Brighton  (Fracture, Surgical Wound)

"I broke the humerus bone in my arm and had it operated on, in January 2014. I then had frequent Scenar and pulsed electromagnetic field treatments from Paul Lowe and quickly regained use of the arm. Five weeks after the operation, I saw my consultant and he was obviously shocked at how 'back to normal' my arm was at such an early stage." 


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Dolores Goodey, School Teacher,  Newhaven, Sussex  (Chronic Whiplash Pain)

"It works, and I tried everything. I have more energy and I'm sleeping well. I used to get aches all the way down my back but not now. I'm also impressed that the treatments had such long lasting effects."


Plesae note: These testimonials are from real individuals but since every individual is unique, there is no guarantee that others will experience the same results.